Heritage since the 60’s


PREFABRI STEEL, a EUROPA PREFABRI GROUP company joints the experience of a reputable Spanish professional team, who commenced their activity in the 80’s, and resuming the family prefabricated construction heritage since the 60’s.

Our team international experience has been develop managing and delivering projects in around 35 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
We adapt our systems to the Client’s different requirements, according to the regional climate (wind and snow load, temperature) and geological (seismic grade) and geotechnical of each place, local regulations, etc….. We can also certify our building under LEED and BREEAM.
We can produce up to 8.000 square meters of building per day, according with the panel type used.

We trust ACDEPM Project Managers for the engineering and Project Management activities of the company, Manufacturing Design and Control.


    Delivering environmental quality and fast constructions buildings around the Globe.


    To become our Client’s more reliable partner.


Our Head Office is located in Madrid, Spain, and a manufacturing plant in Salamanca (Spain) an another in China.

We have our own offices in Latin América (Panama and Peru), Africa (Ghana), and Sales Representatives in Colombia, Senegal, Mozambique, Camerún.

Quality Certifications

All our processes are supervised and controlled to ensure our Client continue satisfaction, according with the international quality standards ISO 9001 and 21500. We also have an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001.

Professional bodies

PREFABRI STEEL forma parte de las siguientes Asociaciones Internacionales: