Standardized factory manufacturing, installation and Change Order procedure, reduces the communication time, increases quality control, and greatly reduce Risk Management, Client complaints, and increasing satisfaction.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Energy saving: Reduces up to 67% of the CO2 emissions and Carbon Foot Print than traditional brick house
  • Green environment protection and Sustainable Construction: Traditional construction produces around 200kg garbage for every square meters built, and building materials transportation and construction dust accounts for 10 to 30% of the air pollution in cities. Prefab construction can reduce up to 65% these figures.
  • Use almost entirely recyclable materials: 100% steel frame material is recyclable, and reduces environmental damage from materials
  • Avoid “Cold/thermal Bridge” in walls, floor and roof, and energy saving up to 30%
  • Water saving: reduces up to 90% water used in the construction
  • Heat Insulation and Preservation

Benefits in Construction:

  • Efficient use of architectural area: Wall thickness of LGS steel structure can be up to only half of brick wall, so the usable area increases by 10% and the space can be divided with higher utilization.
  • Space and Cost Saving: from 50mm to 300mm wall thickness, and up to 3 meters high
  • Anti-hearthquake: soft and light structure reduce the influence of earthquake
  • High Intensity and Quake Proof – Up to 5 Richter scale
  • Light self-weight: lighter than ¼ to 1/6 of traditional reinforced concrete structure
  • Heavy wind resistance – Up to 0,6KN/m2 (111km/h) and typhoon of 12 force
  • Fire Proof – up to 240 minutes at 1.000ºC and give out no toxic gas
  • Sound Insulation and Absorption – Up to 51db in walls and 78db in ceilings
  • Extended choice of external decorative finishes, decorated façade panels, and ventilated façades
  • Water Proof – Also usable for water containers
  • High security performance
  • Foundations built according to local regulations

Financial Benefits:

  • Lower price and lower capital investment
  • Easy and Quick Construction and Shorter Time: 3 to 5 times faster than traditional construction, increasing funds rotation


Steel structure buildings:

  • Low construction cost: direct construction costs, short construction period and low indirect construction costs
  • Better Anti-earthquake performance: less self-weightened. Steel structure can counteract the energy happened during the earthquake providing high structural safety.

Concrete structure buildings:

  • Longer construction period for concrete buildings
  • More heavy: Concreted buildings is 10-20 times heavier than Steel Frame Buildings
  • Need more labour
  • Without stable quality: The quality of concreted building is depending on the around environment, which may become unstable when the around environment change
  • Pollution to the environment: more building materials are used which may cause construction site dirty and disorderly


The standard Life Spam of our constructions is 50 years, according with the Spanish and major European construction regulations.

In some temporary buildings (ej. Refugee Camps……) the life spam is around 7 to 10 years.


We can offer a 10 years insurance, through an International insurance Company, according to the Client’s needs.

This insurance entails an independent quality control provided by an international insurer company.


PREFABRI STEEL employs the international quality standards ISO 9001 and 21500 and environmental management system according to the ISO 14001.

Factories at least employs quality standard ISO 9001

The Client, at his own cost, can order any additional quality control inspection and tests.


Our products are very easy and fast to install on site. Generally speaking, a team of 5 workers can finalize a typical house of 50sqm per day. The number of teams will be determine according to the agreed program with the Client.

According with our Client, we can expat our required engineer’s team to supervise the and train the local workforce on site.

We also provide accurate Assembly Manuals

6 workers con finish up to 200 square meters of construction a day (7 men hours per square meter in one level building and 9 men hours in more than one level), and we train the local workforce on site.


Generally speaking, we can offer an initial price quotation between 4 and 10 working days, based on floor plans, elevations, technical specifications, number of units, and project location.

We require more detailed information from the Client, according with our internal quality procedures, for a final quotation.


We’ll agree a specific program of every Project, between ACDEPM Project Managers and the Client’s team.

Generally speaking, the first step will be a topographic site survey, according with the technical specifications provided by ACDEPM Project Managers.


The typical shipping period varies from two to six week to deliver our products in any world port.

We ship worldwide in standard flat-pack 20’, 20’ and 40’ containers, high cube 40’ and open top 40’ containers.

A 40’ High Cube container can ship from 140 to 300 square meters of construction area, according with our different panels technology used.

The Client can appoint quality inspectors at the loading and downloading of the containers (Bureau Veritas, SGS or similar reputable international companies).


Our constructions comply with the European building regulations, so should be easily adapted to the local regulations of mostly any country worldwide.

We’ll facilitate the required technical information to the Client’s Architects for them to proceed to verify the compliance with the local regulations, and adequate the design accordingly.


Generally speaking, our constructions can be expanded in the future, using our system, or, in certain cases, with traditional construction techniques.

The Client’s Architect will incorporate this possibility in his design and structural resistance calculations, when applicable.


Generally speaking, our constructions can be mortgaged, like any other built traditionally.

The Client shall verify this according with the local jurisdiction.